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Daily Brief - 21st April, 2017

David Brash, managing director of Trinity Offshore Supply and Tow Ltd, which was recently awarded a contract to transport building materials and heavy equipment to Tobago on the Trinity Transporter barge, yesterday promised to deliver to the business community on time. Read more here Read more

21st April 2017

Daily Brief - Thursday 20th April, 2017

Members of the public travelling between Trinidad and Tobago will not have to hold any strain when the Super Fast Galicia leaves the inter-island ferry route on Friday. This is because the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago has organised a replacement ferry - the MV Provider - to pick... Read more

20th April 2017

Daily Brief - Wednesday 19th April, 2017

Fearful of an outbreak of the deadly leptospirosis disease, prisoners yesterday begged the authorities to deal swiftly and arrest what they say is a serious rat infestation in the nation’s penal institutions. Prisoners contacted Newsday, from behind bars, to complain that “large, nasty” rats are everywhere including in the eating... Read more

19th April 2017

Daily Brief - Friday 13th April, 2017

The death penalty was read twice yesterday in the San Fernando High Court to a Mayaro man who was found guilty of stabbing to death his ex-lover and throwing her body into a latrine pit then stabbing her 18-monthold son and throwing him into the Ortoire River. Read more

13th April 2017

Daily Brief - Wednesday 12th March, 2017

Five officer cadets of the TT Regiment appeared in court yesterday charged with the rape of one of their colleagues last year. The five - Michael Esdelle, Reinalo Cozier, Kendell Caton, Gabriel Joseph and Aleem Khan - were each granted $100,000 bail with their parents standing as surety. Read more

12th April 2017

Daily Brief - Tuesday 11th April, 2017

Public servants ignored Public Services Association (PSA) President Watson Duke’s call for a day of resistance, with barely a hundred marchers standing with him yesterday in a protest opposite the Eric Williams Financial Centre in Port-of-Spain. Read more

11th April 2017

Daily Brief- Monday 10th April 2017

POLICE believe they know which of two men in custody for the murder of Claxton Bay printery worker Melissa Mohammed-Ramkissoon committed the crime. Homicide detectives are expected today to take their evidence to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to consult on whether or not charges can be... Read more

10th April 2017

Daily Brief - Friday 7th April, 2017

Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan is considering all options — including use of Army vessels — for cargo transport on the sea bridge to replace leased cargo vessel Superfast Galicia, which exits service on April 18. Read more

7th April 2017

Daily Brief - Thursday 6th April, 2017

In what police are describing as a fatal love triangle, a woman was shot in the head and killed while in a car driven by a close male relative and which also contained a male family friend on Tuesday night. Read more

6th April 2017

Daily Brief - Wednesday 5th April, 2017

Ten days after a 52-year-old man was reported missing, a charred, dismembered body was found in an outhouse behind his Reform Village, Gasparillo home yesterday afternoon. Police believe the body is that of the missing man Deoraj Bedassie. Read more

5th April 2017

Daily Brief - Tuesday 4th April, 2017

Abdul “Krysis” Wakeel won’t “sing” until he gets what he wants. The Unruly Isis member won’t come forward with information about issues in Enterprise, Chaguanas, unless proper arrangements are made to receive it and the State agrees not to engage in intimidation, coercion or prosecution, says Islamic front leader Umar Abdullah. Read more

4th April 2017

Daily Brief - Monday 3rd April, 2017

Police are searching for a Tobago man who is being accused of buggering a seven-year-old primary school student on Saturday afternoon. The boy told police officers that after the man committed the act in a washroom at a recreation ground in Plymouth, Tobago, he was given a dollar. Read more

3rd April 2017

Daily Brief - Friday 31st March, 2017

President of the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) Bro Harrypersad Maharaj yesterday said the organisation has not received any subvention from the People’s National Movement (PNM) administration since it attained office in 2015. “Since September 7, 2015 the IRO has not received one single black cent from this Government. And this has curtailed... Read more

31st March 2017

Daily Brief - Wednesday 29th March, 2017

Four murders have been committed within the space of five days — between Friday last and yesterday — as the situation in crime-ravaged Enterprise, Chaguanas continues to teeter on the brink of open warfare between rival criminal gangs. Read more

29th March 2017

Daily Brief - Tuesday 28th March, 2017

Former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj didn't call any names yesterday but he was clearly taking issue with the approach of the Government and the Prime Minister in dealing with crime. Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has stated repeatedly the Government's (anti)crime plan is to equip the police to do... Read more

28th March 2017

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