The Secretariat

    Dr. Mahindra Ramdeen
    Chief Executive Officer
    675-8862 ext 222

    Dr. Mahindra Ramesh Ramdeen is the Chief Executive Officer of the Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA).

    Since 2005, Ramesh served as Trade Development Specialist at the TTMA. Prior to this, Ramesh worked at the Ministry of Trade and Industry in two capacities – that of a Fair Trading Investigator for approximately 4 years, where his specialty was in the area of Trade Remedies and Competition Policy and Law, and as an Economist for a period of 6 years. He was also an Economist/Investigator with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

    Dr. Ramdeen possesses a first degree in Economics, a post graduate diploma in International Relations as well as a Masters degree in the same discipline. He also possesses a second Masters Degree (with distinction) in the area of International Trade Policy.

    In 2012, Ramesh completed a full program in Export Marketing and is fully certified as an Export Marketing Trainer. He has trained a number of CEOs of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) within Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caricom region in Export Marketing. He has completed his PhD in Trade with the Australian Institute of Business and graduated as of November 2015.

    Shabanna Ali-Laltoo
    Team Lead - Finance and Administration
    675-8862 ext 224

    Joy Francis
    Team Lead - Trade Unit
    675-8862 ext 248

    Ashick Ali
    Building Maintenance Supervisor
    675-8862 ext 235

    Adrian Muktarsingh

    Analisa Quaccoo
    Hospitality Attendant
    675-8862 ext 226

    Kimberle Singh
    Finance & HR Officer
    675-8862 ext 236

    Shanna Marie Israel
    TIC Lead Coordinator
    675-8862 ext 223

    Ismahieel Ali
    Trade Officer - Trade Unit
    675-8862 ext 234

    Kandace Lewis-Davis
    Executive Assistant/TIC Logistics Coordinator
    675-8862 ext 232

    Kailash Jaikaransingh
    Team Lead-Marketing Unit
    675-8862 ext 243

    Neela Deosaran
    Administrative Assistant
    675-8862 ext 221

    Brittney Ramdeen
    Marketing Officer - Marketing Unit
    675-8862 ext 233

    Brithney Wright
    Team Lead - Business Development Unit
    675-8862 ext 240

    Kadesha Celestine
    Marketing Officer - Marketing Unit
    675-8862 ext 244

    Ilanka Manrique
    Research Officer- Business Development Unit
    675-8862 ext 239

    Jinelle Radhay
    Research Officer – Trade Unit
    675-8862 ext 225

    Troy Burns
    Research Officer- Business Development Unit
    675-8862 ext 238

    Terrance Ramoutar
    TIC B2B Coordinator

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