Member Testimonials

We wish to thank the Trinidad and Tobago manufacturers' Association (TTMA) for all the dedicated services and assistance they have given us. The TTMA has a deep understanding of the hardships and hindrances that businesses undergo in Trinidad and Tobago and indeed offers full aid and support. The staff in particular is extremely efficient, friendly and helpful. The TTMA provides our company with expertise services and assistance across all aspects of business. The TTMA has become an integral part of our operations and we look forward to maintaining this relationship. We feel that the services of the TTMA are excellent.

Naisa Brand Products Limited

I believe that the TTMA is an integral part of Trinidad and Tobago's non-energy sector, in providing information and services to assist our manufacturer in achieving short term and long term goals. TTMA's staff has always been extremely helpful in making Fresh Start a success.

Fresh Start Limited

"The TTMA has assisted KC Confectionery Ltd. with problems experiment with Customs and Excise and the Port Authority of T&T. Because of the TTMA's intervention our problems were solved without any repercussions. We are also kept abreast of Trade Negotiation and they have lobbied against non-tariff barriers.

K.C. Confectionery

The TTMA has assisted our organization, a leading distributor of pharmaceutical and other related products. They have helped with the lobbying for improvement in the functioning of regulatory agencies such as the Chemistry Food and Drug Division, the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standard and Customs and Excise Division. The TTMA's efforts have been more impactful compared to when we have had to lobby on our own. TTMA also assists in notifying us on updates with respect to Trade Facilitation as they arise, which is also quite useful to our business.

Oscar Francois Limited

The TTMA is the singular voice of local manufacturers on a governmental and international level. There is great validity and strength in this representation and members benefit directly from the shared experience and support of the Board and Secretariat.

Metal Designs And Concepts - Universal Metals (MDC)

Unique woodworking limited takes this opportunity to tremendously thank the TTMA for assistance in clearing three containers of the Port of Port of Spain. It was a difficult and challenging situation of which the Associations swift intervention was greatly appreciated, in amicably resolving the issue. I wish to commend the Association on the professionalism and proficiency portrayed in dealing with this matter and the urgency with which it was handled. It's reassuring to know that we, the members of TTMA, have your full support in seeing their interests.

Unique Woodworking Limited

The TTMA is a vibrant organized and proactive business lobby group that has assisted our company in revolving many issues over the years. They provide assistance with regards to:
Collection of outstanding VAT returns.
Clearing shipments off the port.
Giving advice and providing information on foreign markets.
Provides a forum through which we can exhibit our products and attract foreign distributors.
For all of the above we are happy to be a long-standing member of the TTMA.

Langston Roach Industried Limited
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