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TTMA in partnership with GoRTT 'VACCINATE & OPERATE'

(7TH June, 2021) - The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) in partnership with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) is pleased to report a successful execution of its first vaccination drive for the business community at the Divali Nagar Site on Sunday 6th June, 2021. President of the TTMA, Ms. Tricia Coosal was thrilled at the success of this unprecedented partnership and collaboration with the Ministries of Health and Trade & Industry to make significant strides in the vaccination of the business community. Read more 


TTMA’s Collaborates with GoRTT for Vaccination Drive, VACCINATE & OPERATE

(6th June, 2021)- The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) in partnership with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) will conduct its 1st vaccination drive for the business community today at the Divali Nagar Site from 8am – 4pm for 1st dose vaccination only of the Sinopharm vaccine.The Ministry of Health (MOH) has sanctioned the administration of vaccines to be supervised by President of the T&T Medical Association, Dr. Vishi Y. Beharry (B.Sc., M.B.B.S., Dip. Emergency Medicine). Read more 


TTMA’s Recommendations to Improve the Ease of Doing Business in Trinidad and Tobago

The ease of doing business index is widely referenced both regionally and internationally as it relates to regulations that govern business activity across economies. Its 2020 edition ranked Trinidad and Tobago as number 105 out of 190 participating nations relative to the same placement the year prior. Reasoning from this fact, the success of our recently launched Manufacturing Strategy is focused on private sector initiatives but is also highly dependent on improved reform of the regulatory, legislative and infrastructural framework that currently exists. Read more 


TTMA’s Budget Wish List: Remove VAT from Imported Raw Materials

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) has signaled to the Government, through its budget recommendations for 2018/19, the need for the expansion and growth of non-energy manufacturing sector as a priority area for moving T&T forward. In a statement on Wednesday, the Association President said the TTMA has listened to the concerns of its members and have shortlisted and prioritized the areas it believes that can have the most gains for manufacturing to grow. Read more


TTMA: Not Enough Done to Address VAT Returns 

The T&T Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) says not enough effort was made by Finance Minister Colm Imbert to address approximately $6 billion owed in VAT returns. Reacting to the 2020 budget, the TTMA acknowledged what it termed the Government’s “ingenuity” in its attempt to address the VAT issue by proposing an initial $3 billion interest bearing bond facility, but felt not enough was done. “We regret it is not enough to offset the cost of doing business.  Read more


TTMA: VAT Bond Unhelpful to SME’s

Some small and medium businesses may not survive the period of the Government’s new VAT bonds, warned TT Manufacturers Association (TTMA) head Franka Costelloe. She spoke at the Spotlight on Budget 2020 yesterday at the Radisson Hotel, Port of Spain. Finance Minister Colm Imbert has offered $3 billion in VAT bonds over five years at 1.5 per cent interest in place of now paying VAT refunds.  Read more here


TTMA: Government Bond will Increase Business Costs

TT Manufacturers Association (TTMA) president Franka Costelloe offered her view on Monday's budget, saying government's solution to the VAT arrears issue would do more harm than good by increasing the cost of doing business. Speaking with Newsday after the TTMA dinner and excellence awards at the Hyatt on Tuesday Costelloe said the concessions by Finance Minister Colm Imbert, specifically government bonds, were not enough to improve the ease of doing business and maintained that challenges of foreign exchange were still major obstacles to the non-energy sector.  Read more here


TTMA Happy with US$100M Facility

Manufacturers are happy they now have access to a US$100 million facility. In a statement yesterday, the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association said it was pleased to note that the US$100 million facility which is being disbursed in tanches to manufacturers by EXIMBANK has finally. Read more


TTMA’s comment on the Budget

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association has issued a statement following today's reading of the national budget by Minister Colm Imbert. "We are pleased to see that a number of the issues we have raised with the Government this past year have been addressed. "In particular, was the Minister's commitment to support TTMA's strategic plan to double exports by 2024/2025. The Minister's focused intention to improve the Ease of Doing Business through the implementation of building an "e-Government" will provide the foundation for transformation that will allow Manufacturing to thrive. However, we are cognizant that what is measured gets done and so are relieved to hear the Minister's intention to track and report on progress of this digital transformation". So said TTMA President, Ms. Franka Costelloe, as she outlined how submissions made to the Ministry and to the Economic Recovery Committee were considered in the 2020 budget. Read more here


The TTMA Congratulates the New Government and Commits to Economic Transformation

The Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturing Association has extended congratulations to the leaders of the People’s National Movement and the United National Congress following the election results of August 10th and has restated its support for economic transformation in letters sent today to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition. Read more here


TTMA's Response to PM's Press Conference

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturing Association has been notified that Phase Two of the scheduled reopening of business has been brought forward by three days to Thursday, May 21st. The Association had written to the Prime Minister and to the Minister of Health asking for a reconsideration of the proposed restart date of Sunday, May 24th. Read more here


The Manufacturing Sector Has Been tried, Tested and Safe - TT$ Millions in Export Orders to be Lost

The country has been on lock down since 30th March in order to curtail the spread of the dreaded Covid-19 virus, whose damaging effects to health we are seeing globally. The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA), applauds the government’s swift response to closing our borders to deal with the threat and commends the Ministry of Health on the efforts taken to effectively control the spread locally. Read more here 


TTMA President Costelloe Says 'Do the Next Right Thing'

In a stirring address to her membership this morning via a cyber Annual Meeting, TTMA President, Franka Costelloe, called upon members to ‘do the next right thing’. In the face of the uncertainties in the market triggered by the onset of Covid-19, the Association is asking members to act responsibly. The Association is also calling on Government to create some relief to keep businesses afloat and to sustain levels of employment. Read more here


TTMA Announces New Board

Today, the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association held its 64th Annual Meeting using a digital platform. With a growing membership of 536 businesses, 60% of whom are SMEs, the Association reviewed the last year and addressed the need for adaptability to a new norm with the impact of Covid-19. Read more here


TTMA’s Response to Essential Service List

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) commends the government on its action taken to combat the spread of Covid-19. The TTMA would also like to thank the health care professionals and their families who are sharing the risk and sacrifice for all of us at this time. Read more here

“Financial and Economic Support Measures to be put in place by the Ministry of Finance in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Port of Spain, March 23rd, 2020 -The TTMA recognizes that this is a difficult time for all and that the issue of survivability is systemic. The challenges we face demands a responsible and intelligent response from those of us charged with governance and those of us who contribute to a viable and stable economy. Read more

TTMA Commends Seizure of Illicit Cigarettes and Cautions Against Purchasing of Illicitly Imported Products

The Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) commends the authorities of St. Lucia in taking swift action against the sale of Zon (King Size full flavour 20 class filter) cigarettes in a recent swoop down against products that do not conform to regulations. Read more


The President of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA), Ms. Franka Costelloe and the Minister of Trade and Industry, the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon visited TTMA member company, New Wave Marketing, yesterday February 4th, in recognition of the company’s contribution to the economy and the local export potential. Read more


The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association ‘s (TTMA) campaign against illicit trade has taken unprecedented steps to strengthen the relevant regulatory bodies who have the power to seize illicit products. Read more


At the Forty-ninth 49th Ministerial Meeting of Council for the Trade and Economic Development (COTED), two (2) major developments transpired that were of interest to the local manufacturing sector of Trinidad and Tobago. Read more


The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) notes the Minister of Finance’s contribution, “Strength, Strategy and Growth”, for the fiscal year 2020/2021 and acknowledges the government ingenuity on its attempt to address the VAT issue by its pronouncement where it proposes an initial $3Billion interest bearing bond facility. Read more

TTMA on the Beverage Container Bill

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) commends the government on its intention to bring the Beverage Container Bill to Parliament in January 2020, as announced in the News this morning (Monday 23rd September). The passing of this legislation has been pending for well over ten (10) years, and has actively been monitored by the TTMA and its membership during that time. While TTMA looks forward to the legislative agenda, as requested in our budgetary submission, the announcement of this upcoming legislation is welcome. Read more

TTMA Pays Tribute to Dr. Linda Baboolal

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) sends condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Linda Baboolal who passed away today Thursday 12th September 2019 at the age of seventy- eight (78). Dr. Baboolal was a medical doctor, who specialized in general family practice; she attended Manitoba University, graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians in Dublin, Ireland in 1973, and worked extensively in both the public sector and in private practice here in Trinidad and Tobago. Read more 


The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA), as part of its continued drive to provide relevant assistance to its members, has partnered with the UWI School of Business and Applied Studies Ltd (UWI-ROYTEC) to assist its members in improving the education level of their workforce, which has been identified as a major problem in Trinidad and Tobago’s ranking on the global competitiveness index for 2010/2011 and 2017/2018 respectively. Read more 

Safeguard the Manufacturing Environment

The TTMA is committed to the development of T&T’s industry by recognizing that investment in the local manufacturers is integral to stabilizing the economy.The CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) is intended to foster and develop regional industries. In the context of the globalized environment, all of the manufacturers within Trinidad and Tobago are minor when compared to international markets. Read more

TTMA Applauds Positive Growth

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) recognizes the Minister of Finance’s contribution to the Supplementation of Appropriation Bill for the fiscal year 2019. Read more

Franka Costelloe appointed 63rd President of the TTMA

April 2nd 2019, Port of Spain- Ms. Franka Costelloe has been appointed as President of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturing Association (TTMA), taking over from Mr Christopher Alcazar who held the position from 2017 to 2019.  Read more 


TTMA - 2019 A Year of Great Opportunities

The TTMA looks to 2019 as a year of greater opportunities both locally and internationally. We are encouraged that our sector experienced growth in 2018 not only in energy-related manufactured products but in other segments such as food beverage and tobacco where there was a 5.6 percent increase. Read more


TTMA Continues to assist Flood Victims

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association wishes to thank all those who contributed, both in terms of goods and services, as well as through financial support, toward its flood relief effort. Read more 


The TTMA is Encouraged by the Budget

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) has reviewed the government’s Appropriation Bill for 2018-2019 entitled “A Genuine Economic Turnaround” and would like to commend the government of an overall management of the deficit from 6.2 billion to 4.02 billion. Read more


TTMA Commends Workers

The Trinidad and Tobago’s Manufacturing Association wishes to acknowledge the efforts of the workers in the country in mobilizing to ensure that productivity was not derailed today. Based on the feedback from our membership, the call for rest and reflection did not have the intended purpose as workers reported for work in their numbers.  Our membership’s feedback indicated that in most instances the turnout was nothing out of the ordinary in all areas of operations. Read more


TTMA Calls For The Use of Sound Judgement

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) stands in solidarity with all unions negotiating for safe working conditions, fair wages and the best interests of their workers.  We are empathetic to the workers of Petrotrin who are facing job loss with the state energy company due to the restructuring of the organisation. Read more

The TTMA Notes a Significant Step taken to address the Forex Situation

The TTMA is pleased to note that the US$100 million facility, which is being disbursed in tranches to manufacturers by the EXIM Bank, has finally commenced. President of the TTMA Mr. Christopher Alcazar noted, “This represents a significant step towards improving the financial viability of many of our manufacturers who depend on imported raw materials to manufacture finished goods and supply export markets.” Read more


The TTMA Welcomes the Prime Minister's Statement on CSME

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) welcomes the Prime Minister’s recent statement that the growth of the local manufacturing sector relies on the success of the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME). Read more


TTMA Welcomes EXIM Bank Facility

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) is encouraged by the government’s acceptance of its recommendation of implementation of the EXIM Bank foreign exchange facility.  The Association wishes to congratulate the Minister of Finance and his technocrats for this bold move and reaffirmation the government has made in its commitment to the growth of the manufacturing industry. Read more


TTMA In Jamaica

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association is currently on the third day of its trade mission to Jamaica. The delegation consists of 26 persons representing 19 companies and is led by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, PS Norris Herbert and TTMA’s President, Mr. Christopher Alcazar. Read more


TTMA Re-appoints Mr. Alcazar

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers' Association (TTMA) hosted its 62nd AGM and Business Breakfast today, 11th April, 2018 where Mr. Christopher Alcazar was re-elected as the President of the TTMA for a second term. Read more


TTMA's Trade Mission to Jamaica

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) embarked today on the trade mission to Jamaica and is scheduled to return April 21st, 2018. The delegation is led by Permanent Secretary Mr. Norris Herbert and TTMA President Mr. Christopher Alcazar.  Read more


TTMA Welcomes Government SME Funding Facility

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers' Association (TTMA) welcomes the government's initiative of a new grant fund facility for small and medium sized businesses as announced by Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Trade and Industry at the launch of the New Export and Research Development Facility. Read more


TTMA: T&T Trade Relations With Cuba Still Strong

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) continue to use every opportunity to reinforce business connections and create new links with Cuba with the aim of fostering effective business relationships. Read more


TTMA hopeful while awaits greater details 

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturing Association (TTMA) has reviewed the government’s Appropriation Bill for 2017-2018 entitled, “Changing the Paradigm”, and is pleased to learn of the intent to treat with multiple issues pertinent to the development of the manufacturing sector.  Read more


TTMA optimistic about 2017/18 fiscal package

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) has met with the Ministry of Finance to discuss its submission with regard to the national budget. These talks were very encouraging and the TTMA left the engagement feeling optimistic that positions presented by the Government and the Association can chart a way forward for the nation's economy. Read more


The TTMA meets with Business Organisations in Jamaica

 Following a visit by a Jamaican delegation, led by Mr. P.B. Scott, President of the PSOJ, in June, 2017 the President of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) Mr. Christopher Alcazar visited Jamaica in July 2017 to further the vision of building and strengthening relationships within CARICOM . Read more

TTMA Partners with Ernst & Young for Tax Seminar


On Tuesday 16th May, The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) partnered with experts from Ernst & Young Services Ltd.. Read more


TTMA Encouraged by Government's support for the Manufacturing Sector


The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association has noted, with cautious optimism, the various statements made and measures taken by the Honourable Minister of Finance, in his Budget Review Presentation today. Read more


TTMA Welcomes FOREX Priority for Manufacturers

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers' Association is extremely pleased by the Finance Minister's pronouncements yesterday at the Post-Cabinet Briefing that strong consideration will be given...Read more


 TTMA's AGM 2017

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers' Association held it;s 61st Annual general Meeting today, Thursday 9th March 2017, where Mr.Christopher Alcazar was appointed as President.....Read more



The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) recognizes the Minister of Finance’s contribution to the Supplementation of Appropriation Bill for the fiscal year 2019. We commend the Government on the incremental economic growth recorded in the first three (3) quarters of 2018 and we support the goal of an annual 2% growth in GDP until 2021; ultimately improving real income earning for T&T citizens. 

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