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Daily Brief - Monday 28th November, 2022

Amidst orange-level riverine and flood alerts, the government says public servants, once able, are to return to work to avoid any further unnecessary loss of productivity. Many entire communities are without water, owing to clogged water treatment facilities, while others are without electricity, primarily because of fallen power lines. Read more

28th November 2022

Daily Brief - Friday 25th November, 2022

A decade after antagonism between Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago over trade and immigration issues reached a crescendo, officials from the latter believe that the CARICOM nations are now on good terms and are trying to leverage opportunities equally. Read more

25th November 2022

Daily Brief - Thursday 24th November, 2022

In one way or another, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were always topics of concern and consideration for many organisations. But it wasn't until September 2015 that these issues and others were compiled at the UN Summit in New York. Read more

24th November 2022

Daily Brief - Wednesday 23rd November, 2022

Christopher Boodram, the sole survivor in the Paria tragedy which claimed the lives of four divers, gave a harrowing account on Tuesday of being sucked into an undersea oil pipeline before escaping. "I did not know if I was in heaven or hell, or in a pipe," Boodram said at... Read more

23rd November 2022

Daily Brief - Tuesday 22nd November, 2022

Trade and Industry Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon yesterday officially commenced a trade mission from this country to Jamaica by delivering remarks at the “Doing Business in Jamaica Seminar”. In addressing the audience, Gopee-Scoon said, “This trade mission aims to provide T&T’s exporters with networking opportunities, a chance to share market information,... Read more

22nd November 2022

Daily Brief - Monday 21st November, 2022

The Tobago tourism industry is set to receive a further boost in economic activity for the rest of the year. After the island hosted its inaugural carnival, on October 28-30, the first cruise ship in two and a half years, since the onset of the covid19 pandemic, docked at the... Read more

21st November 2022

Daily Brief - Friday 18th November, 2022

Ponzi schemes are now illegal in TT due to recent changes in the law, said the TT Securities Exchange Commission (TTSEC) in a recent statement. Named after Italian swindler Charles Ponzi (1882-1949) who operated in the US and Canada, a Ponzi scheme pays investors in a non-existent enterprise merely by... Read more

18th November 2022

Daily Brief - Thursday 17th November, 2022

Minister of Trade and Industry Paula Gopee-Scoon is urging those in the manufacturing industry to continue to "proudly showcase" this country's talent and capability regionally and internationally. She was speaking at the TT Manufacturers Association's (TTMA) 2022 awards ceremony on Tuesday night at the Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain. Read more

17th November 2022

Daily Brief - Monday 14th November, 2022

The screams of Ramnath Minwah's wife and children shattered the quiet community of St John’s Trace in Claxton Bay around 6.30 pm on Saturday, when they saw him fall into a swollen river and get swept away by the strong currents. Read more

14th November 2022

Daily Brief - Friday 11th November, 2022

The seemingly unrelenting crime epidemic reflected in the 500-plus homicide toll for the year to date, violent robberies and other disturbing untoward incidents which continue unabated call for “urgent and critical intervention from the Government led by the Prime Minister” and the Minister of National Security to bring it under... Read more

11th November 2022

Daily Brief Thursday 10th November, 2022

Students interested in studying abroad were given crucial advice on Wednesday as Study Abroad Student Services (SASS) hosted UniFest Tobago College and University Fair 2022 at the Shaw Park Complex. SASS founder and managing director Esther Jones told Newsday the organisation helps fill the information gap for students and parents. Read more

10th November 2022

Daily Brief - Wednesday 9th November, 2022

Two men pretending to be customers at a restaurant and bar in Cocoyea Village robbed the owner at gunpoint on Monday night. A police report said at around 7. 30 pm, two men walked into CeeJayz Restaurant and Bar at Naparima Mayaro Road near the roundabout. Read more

9th November 2022

Daily Brief - Tuesday 8th November, 2022

SCRAP Iron Dealers Association president Allan Ferguson has said some people may turn to a life of crime in search of income as the ban on scrap-iron exports continues. He again called on the Prime Minister to reopen the industry. Read more

8th November 2022

Daily Brief - Monday 7th November, 2022

As the country grapples with violence and crime, Roman Catholic Archbishop Jason Gordon believes this scourge can be mitigated by uplifting underdeveloped communities. Read more here… Read more

7th November 2022

Daily Brief- Friday 4th November, 2022

ROSE Hill RC Primary School in Laventille is due to re-open on Monday after last Monday's incident where young pupils and their teacher had to cower on the floor during an exchange of gunfire between rival gangs nearby. Read more

4th November 2022

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