Infrastructure Committee

The Infrastructure Committee serves as a pivotal entity that influences national issues pertinent to Supply Chain Efficiency and Infrastructural Development for commerce in Trinidad and Tobago. All that is prescribed by this Committee is guided not only by the deliberations of its members, but critically by international standards and best practices, with the ultimate goal of becoming an engine for global competitiveness in the manufacturing sector through greater efficiency and sophistication in these areas. 

The three main aspects of this committee are:

  1. Transportation, Shipping and Logistics
  2. Infrastructural Development
  3. Regulatory Agencies

Transportation, Shipping and Logistics – The efficient movement of goods at every stage in the supply chain is central to business development. Given the propensity of our manufacturing sector towards international trade and, more generally, the interconnectedness of business across the globe, the three main modes of transportation (land, sea and air) should be monitored on a regular basis. By extension, all the Governmental, Quasi-governmental and Private Sector organizations that impact upon our transportation infrastructure fall under the radar of this committee. 

Infrastructural Development – To facilitate the growth and development of the MSME manufacturing sector, there is need for adequate infrastructural expansion across Trinidad and Tobago. This committee therefore provides a platform for TTMA to lobby the relevant agencies and submit proposals for same.

Regulatory Agencies – This committee also provides a forum for members to ventilate and address issues arising from the operation of the regulatory agencies and to facilitate information exchange and coordination of joint actions where necessary.

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