Daily Brief - Monday 19th September, 2022


Hosein: Backlog of 42,000 ballistic, 33,000 DNA samples government labs

Concerns raised by Barataria/San Juan MP Saddam Hosein as he alleged critical shortfalls in the criminal justice system which, he said, are contributing to the failure to solve murder matters or crime, have been dismissed by National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds. Hosein made the claims at a UNC media conference at the Opposition Leader's Office, Charles Street, Port of Spain, on Sunday morning. Speaking to Newsday by phone later Sunday, Hinds said Hosein was just wasting his time with folly as he had a lot of work to do." Read more here

Trini living in Taipei credits Taiwan for level of preparedness after quake

While there has been one reported casualty recorded thus far as a result of the magnitude 6.8 earthquake which struck the southeastern part of Taiwan yesterday–a T&T national living in the capital city of Taipei credited their level of preparedness in response to disasters as the main reason behind it. The strong tremor which caused train carriages to become derailed; while an apartment building collapsed; and hundreds were trapped along mountain roads– followed a 6.4 magnitude earthquake on Saturday evening in the same area, which also caused no casualties. In a Zoom interview with Guardian Media on Sunday, football coach Wayne Sheppard said he had been lying on the bed in his third-floor apartment when the earthquake occurred. He recalled, “The earthquake today (yesterday) was very strong.” “The walls were creaking and the entire building was shaking,” he added. Read more here



Legal threat to stop election of THA deputy chief

Scarborough resident Krystal Fordyce has threatened to file an injunction to stop Monday's election of a new Tobago House of Assembly (THA) deputy chief secretary, arguing that Watson Duke's resignation was not valid. On Thursday, Duke sent a letter to Chief Secretary Farley Augustine announcing his resignation, with immediate effect. The Office of the Chief Secretary, in a press release on Saturday, said it has received Watson Duke's resignation letter and it was forwarded to the offices of the President and Presiding Officer for appropriate action. Duke was thanked for his nine months of service as deputy chief secretary. He remains electoral representative for Roxborough/Argyle. Read more here

Concerned citizen files motion to prevent THA from electing new Deputy Chief Sec Monday

As the imbroglio involving the political leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) Watson Duke and Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Farley Augustine deepened last night– a concerned citizen yesterday filed a constitutional motion to prevent the THA from moving ahead to elect a new Deputy Chief Secretary today. Acting on behalf of Krystal Fordyce, a registered elector from the Darrel Spring/Whim district–attorney Vishaal Siewsaran of the Freedom Law Chambers, San Fernando, despatched a three-page letter addressed to the THA’s Presiding Officer Abby Taylor; President Paula-Mae Weekes and Attorney General Reginald Armour late last evening—in which he indicated the scheduled move by Augustine to elect a new Deputy Chief Secretary would be “illegal and unconstitutional” as, “The purported resignation of Mr Watson Duke as Deputy Chief Secretary is invalid and ineffective in law.” Read more here



Turtle conservation efforts

Age of Union Alliance, a Canadian non-profit organisation, has donated US$1.5 million over a five-year period to Nature Seekers, which focuses on the conservation and protection of sea turtles. This will be the single largest private donation in Nature Seekers’ history. Age of Union Alliance is led by tech leader and environmental activist Dax Dasilva. Dasilva told the Express from his Montreal home last week that the alliance seeks out new conservation projects every year. Read more here



Guyana being rapidly transformed

Guyana is being rapidly transformed, said President, Dr Irfaan Ali as he appealed to Guyanese in the diaspora to return home and play their part in the massive development currently underway and will be undertaken in the near future. The President made the appeal at the One Guyana Interfaith Forum in New York on Sunday. He added that the government is investing heavily in technology and training to strengthening the country’s human-resource capacity to fix systems and will need their expertise. As he spoke on the use of technology, President Ali said that this will be used to correct flaws in the political and security systems. Read more here



Ukraine claims control of key Oskil river on front line

Ukrainian forces say they have regained control of the east bank of the River Oskil, seen as the front line with Russian troops in north-east Ukraine. Russia's army has been almost completely pushed out of the Kharkiv region and a regional leader said the next target would be neighbouring Luhansk. President Volodymyr Zelensky said the next offensive was being prepared. Meanwhile, Russia was accused of targeting a nuclear plant in the south. Ukrainian nuclear operator Enerhoatom said a rocket landed 300m (1,000ft) from nuclear reactors at the the country's second largest plant in Mykolayiv region, damaging buildings and shutting down part of a hydro-electric power station at the complex. Read more here

19th September 2022


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