Daily Brief - Thursday 17th August, 2023


Chambers give thoughts on LGE, tax rebates

The Fyzabad Chamber of Commerce president Angie Jairam believes the population of TT has reached the point where they are fed-up with both major parties and the "fools' promises.” Reacting to the outcome of Monday's local government elections, Jairam said, "By the low turnout of voting, all political parties and the government should go deeply into introspection and re-examine the functions and purpose in their roles and responsibilities..like employees are called upon to do from time to time." On Tuesday, the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) said the voter turnout for Monday's election was 30.34 per cent, the lowest turnout in 43 years. The turnout in 2019 was 34.71 per cent. Read more here



Youth week celebrated with series of events

The Ministry of Youth Development and National Service (MYDNS) celebrated Youth Week with a series of activities on August 15-17. The activities were geared towards bringing together youth, youth workers, MYDNS officials, and other stakeholders to discuss the issues affecting young people in the workplace. Speaking at the launch at the University of the West Indies’ Teaching and Learning Centre on Tuesday, Cummings said the week of events, in its second year, was conceived as a celebration of International Youth Day, celebrated on August 12. “Youth Week is how MYDNS is celebrating the potential of youth, partners in our country, and is how our ministry is actively addressing youth development issues. Youth Week brings youth from across the country to common spaces where they can meet and interact with each other. These youth also get to meet and converse with us, the executive and staff of the MYDNS.” Read more here

2 brothers gunned down in Carenage

Residents of Scorpion Alley, Carenage, had to run for cover on Tuesday night when gunmen stormed a house in the area, killing two brothers. The attack came less than 24 hours after Elijah Ferguson and Leon Sylvester were gunned down in the same area on Monday night. Police said Joshua George, 23, and Israel Letren, 32, were at a house around 9 pm when a group of gunmen ran in, shooting them several times before running away. On checking, residents saw George bleeding on the floor of the kitchen and Letren bleeding in the bathroom. Western Division police were called in with a district medical officer who declared both men dead. Crime scene investigators also visited the scene and found 97 spent 5.56 shells. Read more here



Cummings: Focus on local government reform

PNM general secretary Foster Cummings has said the party’s thrust will be toward enacting local government reform after the elections on Monday. Speaking to the media after the launch of Youth Week at UWI's Teaching and Learning Centre on Tuesday, Cummings said the party was happy to have retained all its corporations. “We will of course continue to try to expand that, but the main focus at this time is to move toward local government reform, and that will involve all of the corporations, including those held by the opposition party.” Read more here

Rowley heads to Barbados, Imbert acts as PM

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley will travel to Barbados today for a short vacation. The PM first revealed plans for the trip last week during the post-cabinet news conference. Minister of Finance, the Hon Colm Imbert will act as Prime Minister until Dr Rowley's return. Read more here



Cryptocurrency regulations evolving, says Bahamian PM

The Bahamas, in 2020 dared to make themselves the location for cryptocurrency transactions through its Digital Assets and Registered Exchanges (DARE) act in 2020, welcoming cryptocurrency companies such as FTX to its shores to do business in the digital currency. But coming out of the company’s collapse in November last year, it would seem to some that it took the Bahamas down with it, with some questioning the financial reputation and the viability of its policies on cryptocurrency in the small island with big ambitions. Read more here




$19B investment to transform East Bank Demerara schemes

Several schemes on the East Bank of Demerara are undergoing infrastructural works for over 5,000 low, moderate and middle-income residential and industrial/commercial lots that cover about 1,700 acres of land. Approximately $19 billion will be spent on the current works that involve building access roads, bridges, culverts, water distribution systems, and drainage networks. The assignees will be able to access their lands when they are completed. On Tuesday, the Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal and Deputy Director of Projects at the Central Housing and Planning Authority, Intakab Indarjeet, inspected the projects. Read more here



Pakistan: More than 100 arrested after churches burned

More than 100 people have been arrested in a city in east Pakistan after thousands of Muslims burned churches and vandalised homes. Violence in Jaranwala was sparked by claims that two Christian men had torn pages from the Quran. The historic Salvation Army Church was still smouldering on Thursday, one day after the riot. Ruins have been surrounded with barbed wire as the situation remains tense in the city. Public gatherings have also been restricted for seven days in Faisalabad district, which includes Jaranwala. The two men accused of damaging the Quran, Islam's holy book, have not been arrested though they have been charged with blasphemy, which is punishable by death in Pakistan. Read more here


17th August 2023


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