Daily Brief - Wednesday 16th August, 2023


Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association – We’re ready to go to Ghana

The TT Manufacturers Association expressed its interest in exploring the Ghanaian market after TTMA president Roger Roach participated in a commercial meeting and tour of Angostura Ltd with R Yofi Grant CEO of Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC). TTMA, in a release on August 4, said the meeting involved talks on the potential entry into the Ghanaian market, strategies to enter the market and opportunities in Ghana. “At the meeting, Angostura shared insights on their African market experience and outlined the challenges they faced in breaking into the spirits market in Africa,” the release said. “Angostura expressed interest in obtaining a market entry roadmap from GIPC and exploring partnerships with Ghanaian distributors.” Read more here



Chinese businessman on bail for meth lab charge

La Romaine businessman Hong Fei Wu, 24, has been granted $100,000 bail by a San Fernando magistrate on a charge of possession of methamphetamine for the purpose of trafficking. Wu appeared virtually before senior magistrate Armina Deonaringsingh on Tuesday, from the Princes Town police station, where he was being held. Wui was arrested last Thursday when Special Branch officers executed a search warrant at The Residences, South Park, San Fernando. There, they allegedly discovered components assembled in the form of a clandestine laboratory, a police press release said over the weekend. Read more here

Mom, ailing son get help, but still need building materials

Sue Marie Rampersad and her ailing son Aaron Hamid are thanking the public for an outpouring of help. But although they have received groceries, clothing and other supplies, they are still in need of material to rebuild their ramshackle home at North Trace, Hindustan, Tableland. Rampersad said officials from the Land Settlement Agency visited their home and promised to lend assistance. She said officials from the National Self-Help Commission were also expected to visit. Yesterday, a group of villagers broke down one part of the house to make way for a new structure. But Rampersad said they were in dire need of cement, concrete blocks, electrical, plumbing and roofing materials. In a voice tinged with optimism, Rampersad said she was praying that with a little support from everyone, she will achieve her dream of having a proper house for her son, who suffers from a rare blood disorder called haemophilia. “Since the story was published, people have called me from all over offering help and I am so happy. I feel so blessed that people are willing to help. I want to thank God and the public,” Rampersad said. Read more here



Griffith willing to work with other parties

Political Leader of the National Transition Alliance Gary Griffith has said he is not only willing to continue its partnership with the UNC, which tied with the PNM in the August 14 local government elections, but intends to reach out to other parties to ensure citizens get the best representation possible. “We are not here to compete,” Griffith said in a conversation with Newsday on Tuesday. “We are here to mend fences, build bridges and communicate with different political parties. “I think the perception of forming a political party just to see other parties as the enemy… I am not into that type of politics. My job is not to divide, it is to build; it is not to destroy, it is to be productive. My goal is to bring as many political parties as possible together. Read more here

14 LGE recounts ordered; EBC reveals 34.34% turnout, popular vote to UNC

The Opposition UNC got 173,961 votes, the highest number in Monday’s Local Government election - but there was a lower voter turnout of 30. 34 per cent than there was in the 2019 LG election. And recounts were ongoing yesterday in 12 areas which the UNC requested and two areas the PNM requested. The preliminary figures on the 141 electoral areas of the 14 regional corporations were released by the Election and Boundaries Commission (EBC) yesterday. The PNM and UNC tied for control of seven corporations each, the same result as the 2019 LG election. For Monday’s election, the EBC stated, “With an electorate of 1,091,935 in 141 electoral districts in Trinidad, there was a voter turnout of 30.34 per cent. The total votes cast were 331,300 with 996 rejected ballots.” Read more here



Furness Chemicals Ltd showcase at Pricesmart

Furness Chemicals Ltd participated in Pricesmart's road show, which the company said produced record sales of its cleaning products Oxiwash – a bleach – Fantastico disinfectants and Lime Out – a calcium, lime and rust remover – in a release. It said its Fantastico disinfectants had been popular with customers since the company debuted its newest fragrance of the disinfectant, Turquoise Ocean Breeze. Read more here

Air Canada cancels Trinidad flights amid challenge

Ongoing industrial relations challenges within Air Canada have resulted in the airline cancelling its much-anticipated direct flights from Toronto, Canada, to Trinidad. It was just in June, Tourism Trinidad Ltd announced the resumption of Air Canada’s service to Trinidad from November 1. The airline was supposed to start with three weekly flights from November 1 to December 3, and then increase service to four times per week from December 3 to March 9, 2024. At the time, Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts Randall Mitchell expressed his enthusiasm about the news. Read more here



Guyana, Brazil could ‘shake up’ global oil market

As Guyana gears up to become one of the world’s massive oil exporters because of its rapid production, oil and gas analysts have said that the small South American country will soon be going “head-to-head” with its neighbour, Brazil, which is also a major oil exporter. In a Platts Oil Markets podcast by S&P Global Commodity Insights, three analysts discussed the oil boom in Guyana, the nation’s possible future with fellow oil exporters and the pricing trends and flows for Guyana’s top crude grades. According to oil analyst, Patrick Harrington: “…As Guyana’s production ramps up, Guyana and Brazilian crude will be really head-to-head competition.” Read more here



Maui fire: First victims named as death toll reaches 106

The first names of people killed by wildfires in Maui have been released by officials, one week after at least 106 people died on the Hawaiian island. Just two people - Robert Dyckman, 74, and Buddy Jantoc, 79 - were named. Three others were identified but their names are being withheld until their families are notified. The catastrophic fire, which destroyed the historic town of Lahaina within hours, has been followed by a slow and gruelling search for victims. Twenty sniffer dogs trained to detect bodies have led teams on a block-by-block search of the wreckage, a 5sq mile (13sq km) area now filled with twisted metal and other debris. As of Tuesday evening, 27% of the disaster site had been searched, Governor Josh Green said in a televised address. He said the number of dead could climb significantly and even double over the next 10 days. Read more here


16th August 2023


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