Daily Brief - Wednesday 23th August, 2023


Police: Don't share video of road accident death

The police have asked the public not to share disturbing video footage of an incident in which a man was killed while trying to cross the Uriah Butler Highway on Monday night. The gruesome content of the video, which was shared hundreds of times and posted on What’sApp, shocked social media users. A police report said around 7.10 pm, a car was heading north along the highway on the left lane when the right front side hit Balraj Lutchman, 66, of Carlsen Field, Chaguanas Guayamare Bridge. Lutchman was thrown into the air and landed in the middle lane. Before the first driver could stop at a safe distance and get out of his car to check, several other cars had already run over Lutchman. In the two-minute video, up to six cars, including a van, are seen driving over Lutchman's body, dragging him 300 feet. Read more here

TTPS working to solve 11 murders after bloody weekend

Following a bloody weekend with 11 murders recorded between 8 pm on Friday and 10 pm on Sunday, the T&T Police Service (TTPS) has assured citizens that it is working to solve the crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice. The assurance was given in a voice note released on Monday. However, Commissioner of Police (CoP) Erla Harewood-Christopher has not yet commented on the shocking statistics. In the two-minute recording, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Intelligence and Investigations, Curt Simon said: “Homicide Bureau of Investigations officers are working tediously and are conducting several leads to solve each case and bring the perpetrators to justice. “The TTPS is using technology and intelligence-based policing as part of its strategy to solve our current homicide issues.” Read more here



ONE VOTE WINS ALL – UNC takes EBC to court over Lengua/Indian Walk tie

The fallout over the electoral district of Lengua/Indian Walk continues as the UNC has decided to go to court over one ballot. The United National congress filed an election petition in the High Court on Monday, saying it was urgent and required “immediate determination.” In the August 14 local government elections, Lengua/Indian Walk was initially declared for the People’s National Movement (PNM). A recount was requested and conducted by the returning officer between August 15 and 16, and  resulted in the PNM and UNC candidates, the Rev Autly Granthume and Nicole Gopaul respectively, being tied with 1,428 votes each. A second recount started on August 17, with the same result. However, during the initial count and the two recounts, a particular ballot, which was a vote for the UNC, was rejected on the ground that it had not been initialled by the presiding officer, nor did it have a polling station number. Read more here

Warner happy with love public showed on LGE trail... confident UNC will top PNM in 2025 general election

United National Congress frontliner Jack Warner says what was most pleasurable in his Local Government Elections walkabouts was how people showed him love and encouraged him to fight on with his court battle - but he says the writing is on the wall for the People's National Movement in the two Tobago seats and Sangre Grande. Currently, however, Warner's undecided on what post/position he'll seek or hold in the UNC going forward. In an interview with Guardian Media on the UNC's LGE campaign and his future, Warner said, "For me, what was most pleasurable (in campaigning) was the way people greeted me, not just on UNC's platform but as I walked through communities in Sangre Grande, Arima, Valencia, San Fernando; citizens opened their arms to embrace me, to show love and to encourage me to fight the fight and hold on because the battle in the courts is in the Lord's hands." Warner said the election for him was to retest the waters and understand where the electorate is currently located. Read more here



26 graduate from MIC's ready-for-work programme

Some 26 recent secondary school-leavers in the East-West Corridor graduated last Friday from a six-week pilot project to prepare them for the wider world. The Student Enhancement Empowerment Programme (STEEP) was run by MIC-IT, Macoya, where the graduation was held. STEEP was created by MIC-IT deputy chairman Keith Toby, who also taught basic conversational Spanish to the pupils. MIC-IT CEO Anil Ramnarine said the programme aimed to develop youngsters in a professional work environment. Read more here

It cannot be business as usual

IT can no longer be business as usual if we are serious about this country’s energy sector progressing, president of the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago Dr Thackwray “Dax” Driver has warned. And if we do not get our act together soon this country’s economy is going to contract “hugely” and the standard of living for the entire population will plummet. Driver made the statement in a post titled “Need for Speed” which was posted by the Energy Chamber. Read more here



Well brings much needed relief to over 200 Capoey residents

Drilling of the well at Capoey, Essequibo Coast, Region Two, has been completed and some 200 residents there will soon be receiving potable water for the first time. Guyana Water Inc. (GWI), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Shaik Baksh, during a recent visit to the well site, commended the GWI in-house team that completed the work within reasonable time. The well was drilled utilising a Pat Rig acquired by GWI, earlier this year, to work in the hinterland regions. Toshao of Capoey, Ralph Hendricks, who was at the site, watched as water flowed from the well in his community. “This is now reality. We can see progress and we could see that you [the government] have fulfilled your promise. I am quite certain that the ladies will be happy having water here, rather than having to go to the lake, because of the distance and hot sun. This is a plus for us,” he said with a smile. The residents at the site also expressed similar sentiments. Read more here



Greek fires rage after migrant tragedy near border

Fires that have claimed 20 lives in Greece are still burning out of control in foothills near Athens and the Evros region near the border with Turkey. Eighteen of those killed are thought to be refugees and migrants who crossed the border recently, hiding in forests north of the city of Alexandroupolis. Greece has expressed its deepest sorrow for the deaths in the Dadia forest close to the Turkish border. For five days, fires have burned near the city and west along the coast. Firefighters are also trying to stop a fire spreading from the slopes of Mount Parnitha, to the north-west of Athens. Their efforts are being hindered by strong winds whipping up the flames and searing heat of up to 40C (104F). The victims were found on Tuesday by the fire service near a shack outside the village of Avantas, to the north of Alexandroupolis. Read more here

23rd August 2023


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